...voor een opbrengst uit conflicten
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Nienke Wiersma studied Dutch law at the University of Amsterdam and has been a MfN registered mediator since 2001.
She has been employed as a mediator by various health institutions, occupational health services, multinationals and SME organizations, family-owned companies, educational institutions, art and cultural institutions, charity organizations and the government.

In addition to mediation in labor and cooperation conflicts, Nienke Wiersma has extensive experience in business mediation, shareholder and regulatory disputes, disputes within partnerships, supervisory and management boards, exit mediations, group mediations and mediations between individuals.
Nienke Wiersma also works as a court mediator at the courts of Gelderland and Arnhem-Leeuwarden and the Chamber for Corporate Matters/Commercial Division at the Amsterdam Court of Appeal.

Besides, she is a guest lecturer for the Master's course Mediation at the Law Faculty of the Radboud University in Nijmegen and trainer at MfN Mediator Training. She conducts research on conflicts and conflict-management, in relation to sustainable and innovative labor policies and she is also a contributor to the Dutch Mediation journal, edited by Kluwer.

Through her vast experience, Nienke Wiersma is a frequent speaker at various conferences and meetings.